Emotional Intelligence II
February 22 - March 27, 2024

Casey Bolding
Jessica Cannon
Antoine Catala
Brian Degraw 
Martha Diamond
Loretta Dunkelman
Ana Gzirishvili
Tamo Jugeli
Dana Lok
Justine Neuberger
Sarah Pucci
Carrie Rudd
Hidetaka Suzuki
Stanley Whitney
Amanda Ziemele

Polina Berlin Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of its new gallery space in Manhattan’s Flower District at 121 West 27th Street. The gallery will inaugurate the space with a group exhibition, Emotional Intelligence II, on Thursday, February 22, 2024, marking the second anniversary of the gallery’s founding.

A sequel to the gallery's first ever exhibition, Emotional Intelligence II brings together fifteen artists who mine new tropes at the intersection of abstraction and figuration, while probing notions of emotional understanding. The exhibition includes rising artists who have played formative roles in the first two years of the gallery's developing program, such as Tamo Jugeli, Carrie Rudd, Jessica Cannon, Ana Gzirishvili, and Amanda Ziemele, in conversation with historical works by Stanley Whitney, Martha Diamond, and Loretta Dunkelman.

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